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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Target version
9973 Klever Feature New Urgent Visualize data reports according to top-level configuration attributes Evgeny Novikov Evgeny Novikov Klever - 3.0 Actions
9971 MicroTESK for RISC-V Task New Normal print Spike trace to separate log file for every JUnit test case Sergey Smolov Sergey Smolov Actions
9964 Retrascope Task New Normal add examples to project distribution Sergey Smolov Sergey Smolov Retrascope - 1.0 Actions
9962 Verilog Translator Bug New High ru.ispras.verilog.parser.sample.Mips16CoreTopTestCase: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException Sergey Smolov Alexey Danilov Verilog Translator - 0.1 Actions
9961 Verilog Translator Task New Normal uncomment jUnit test cases that are related to SVA modules Sergey Smolov Sergey Smolov Verilog Translator - 0.1 Actions
9960 C Instrumentation Framework Bug New Urgent CIF generates a file with incorrect casts Ilja Zakharov Evgeny Novikov Actions
9959 Deductive Verification Tools for Linux Kernel Bug New Normal Frama-C (CIL) сannot assign to non-modifiable lval Ilja Zakharov Actions
9958 Requality Bug New Normal NPE при работе с GIT Viktoria Kopach Actions
9957 MicroTESK Bug Resolved Normal TestCase для нескольких шаблонов, запускает всегда один и тот же шаблон Alexander Protsenko Alexander Protsenko MicroTESK - 2.4 Actions
9950 MicroTESK Feature Resolved Normal Support for different directives in text sections of test templates Mikhail Chupilko Alexander Kamkin MicroTESK - 2.4 Actions
9937 MicroTESK Bug Resolved Normal *TestCase для нескольких шаблонов (*.rb) Alexander Protsenko Alexander Kamkin MicroTESK - 2.4 Actions
9936 Verilog Translator Bug Verified High tabs in "`define" directive cause java.lang.NumberFormatException Sergey Smolov Alexey Danilov Verilog Translator - 0.1 Actions
9935 C Instrumentation Framework Feature New Urgent Get rid of auxilary function duplicates Evgeny Novikov Evgeny Novikov Actions
9934 Klever Feature Resolved Urgent Specify concrete settings for fragmentation Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0 Actions
9933 MicroTESK for RISC-V Bug Resolved Normal Error: The build/target/arch/riscv/templates/synthetics/torture/torture.rb file does not exists Alexander Protsenko Actions
9932 MicroTESK for RISC-V Bug Resolved Normal for vector instruction Alexander Protsenko Actions
9931 Klever Feature New Urgent Introduce specific comments and error trace actions to distinguish important environment models Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0 Actions
9929 Verilog Translator Bug New Normal TODO: QuipTestCase extraneous input 'someone' expecting 'someone' Maxim Chudnov Alexander Kamkin Actions
9927 Klever Feature Resolved High Allow to check for preset verification job changes Evgeny Novikov Vladimir Gratinskiy Actions
9926 Klever Feature Verified Urgent Do not wait for ~10 seconds before finishing job solution Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0 Actions
9925 MicroTESK Bug New Normal java.lang.IllegalStateException: Boolean data is not convertible to BitVector. Alexander Protsenko Artem Kotsynyak Actions
9919 Requality Task New Normal Доработать механизм экспорта разметки Denis Kildishev Requality - 1.2 (development) Actions
9917 QEMU4V Task New Normal check QEMU4V-specific code on compliance with coding style Sergey Smolov Sergey Smolov QEMU4V - 0.3 Actions
9915 Verilog Translator Bug Verified Urgent "Cycle inclusion has been detected in fine <filename>" error is reported for Verilog modules that use the same another file Sergey Smolov Alexey Danilov Verilog Translator - 0.1 Actions
9911 Retrascope Task New Normal merge "*/sample/*TestCase" Java test cases Sergey Smolov Maxim Chudnov Retrascope - 1.0 Actions
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