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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Target version
9411 Klever Bug New Urgent SQL syntax errors for MariaDB Vadim Mutilin Vladimir Gratinskiy
9404 Klever Feature Rejected High Feature: marks download format for version control repository Vadim Mutilin Vladimir Gratinskiy
9372 C Instrumentation Framework Bug Rejected High "cif" failed: redefinition of ‘struct ftrace_branch_data’ for net/xfrm/xfrm_user.ko Vadim Mutilin
9371 Klever Bug Rejected Urgent Could not find "working source trees.json" Vadim Mutilin
9370 Klever Bug New Normal Misleading message of Core failure Vadim Mutilin
9369 Klever Bug Open Urgent Update production silently ignores wrong directory name Vadim Mutilin Evgeny Novikov Klever - 3.0
9368 Klever Bug Rejected High Warning during deployment to openstack cloud Vadim Mutilin Klever - 3.0
9367 Klever Bug Open Urgent Misleading message in the error description Vadim Mutilin Evgeny Novikov Klever - 3.0
9366 Klever Bug Open Urgent How to commit files after editing Vadim Mutilin Vladimir Gratinskiy Klever - 3.0
9233 Klever Bug New High "make" failed for drivers/mtd/mtd.ko Vadim Mutilin
8967 Klever Bug Closed Urgent Download files for competition does not allow to choose Unknowns Vadim Mutilin Vladimir Gratinskiy Klever - 2.0
8706 Klever Feature Closed Urgent Permanent (pretty) URLs for error traces Vadim Mutilin Vladimir Gratinskiy Klever - 1.0
8382 Klever Feature Rejected High Provide a way to prepare verification tasks without CIL Vadim Mutilin
8232 Klever Bug New High ieee80211_register_hw should register callbacks instead of ieee80211_alloc_hw Vadim Mutilin Ilja Zakharov
8231 Klever Bug Closed Urgent ldv_memory_free is called without parameters Vadim Mutilin Anton Vasilyev Klever - 1.1
8188 Klever Bug New Normal IS_ERR is not matched in 4.2.6 for ldv_is_err Vadim Mutilin
7999 Klever Feature Rejected High Options of the verification tools should not be hardcoded inside Klever Vadim Mutilin
7958 Linux Kernel Safety RuleDB Task New Normal Never directly free @dev after calling device_add function Vadim Mutilin
7954 Klever Bug Closed High Gendisk is not properly initialized for block_device_operations->release Vadim Mutilin Ilja Zakharov
7948 Klever Bug New High linux:alloc: misleading comment Vadim Mutilin
7946 Klever Bug New High linux:kernel:sched:completion: Misleading comment Vadim Mutilin
7943 Klever Bug New High linux:usb:urb allocated memory with kzalloc Vadim Mutilin
7942 Klever Feature New High Use models of atomic_dec_and_test and atomic_set for all rule specifications Vadim Mutilin
7940 Klever Bug New High linux:drivers:base:class should support several allocations of different chrdev Vadim Mutilin
7937 Klever Feature New High Develop and use models for get_device/device_add/put_device for all rule specifications Vadim Mutilin
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