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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Author Assignee Target version
9507 Klever Feature New Urgent Update VerifierCloud scheduler to the recent API Ilja Zakharov Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0
9406 Klever Feature New Urgent Ignore an another one useless warning from BenchExec (flawed measurement) Ilja Zakharov Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0
9393 Klever Bug New Urgent Problem with memleak visualization on absent return from void function Anton Vasilyev Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0
9394 Klever Feature New Urgent Support verification of built-in Linux kernel modules Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0
9381 Klever Feature New Urgent Return back program fragment sized Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0
9348 Klever Feature New Urgent Request for changes in jobs and tasks just after receiving corresponding notifications Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0
9339 Klever Bug New Urgent Incorrect progress report Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0
8196 Klever Bug New Urgent Set the last provided with a line directory file instead of setting a default one at witness visualization Ilja Zakharov Ilja Zakharov Klever - 3.0
9305 Klever Feature New High Provide a list of undefined and modelled functions for a fragment under verification Ilja Zakharov Ilja Zakharov
9273 Klever Feature New High New translation mode for EMG Pavel Andrianov Ilja Zakharov
9272 Klever Feature New High Main generation without info-requests Pavel Andrianov Ilja Zakharov
9271 Klever Feature New High Main generation with information about sharedness of parameters Pavel Andrianov Ilja Zakharov
8623 Klever Bug New High EMG does not relate registration of statically combined containers Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov
8088 Klever Bug New High Merge configurations properly Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov
9236 Klever Feature New High Get rid of option duplicates within rule specifications base Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov
9433 Klever Bug New High Incorrect error processing and misleading error message when there is not proper Java for CPAchecker Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov
8269 Klever Feature New High Allow to use swap when solving jobs or tasks Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov
9159 Klever Feature New High Split schedulersutils/ Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov
9144 Klever Feature New High Reread Native Scheduler Job Worker configuration Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov
8751 Klever Bug New High New EMG does not call callbacks from i2c_driver Ilja Zakharov Ilja Zakharov
9059 Klever Bug New High Absence of log files can result to job error Evgeny Novikov Ilja Zakharov
6561 Klever Feature Resolved High Import and export module interface specification Ilja Zakharov Ilja Zakharov
6571 Klever Feature Resolved High Support modules without or with non-standard approaches to provide init and exit functions Ilja Zakharov Ilja Zakharov
8068 Klever Bug Resolved High Develop specification for pci_driver callbacks Ilja Zakharov Ilja Zakharov
7245 Klever Bug Resolved High EMG generates variables for labels with conflicting types Ilja Zakharov Ilja Zakharov
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