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migrate to QEMU 4.2.0

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All the issues are described below should be taken into account both in QEMU4V and QEMU4V-using projects.


The minimum version of the glib library is now 2.48.

System emulator command line arguments

QEMU 4.1 introduced support for the -bios option in QEMU for RISC-V for the RISC-V virt machine and sifive_u machine.
QEMU 4.1 has no changes to the default behavior to avoid breakages. This default will change in a future QEMU release, so please prepare now. All users of the virt or sifive_u machine must change their command line usage.
QEMU 4.1 has three options, please migrate to one of these three: 1. “-bios none“ - This is the current default behavior if no -bios option is included. QEMU will not automatically load any firmware. It is up to the user to load all the images they need. 2. “-bios default“ - In a future QEMU release this will become the default behavior if no -bios option is specified. This option will load the default OpenSBI firmware automatically. The firmware is included with the QEMU release and no user interaction is required. All a user needs to do is specify the kernel they want to boot with the -kernel option 3. “-bios <file>“ - Tells QEMU to load the specified file as the firmware.

System emulator machines

The version specific Spike machines have been deprecated in favor of the generic “spike“ machine. If you need to specify an older version of the RISC-V spec you can use the “-cpu rv64gcsu,priv_spec=v1.9.1“ command line argument.

Build system

In the future, QEMU will require Python 3 to be available at build time. Support for Python 2 in scripts shipped with QEMU is deprecated. The minimum supported version of Python is now 3.5.


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