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Edit of mark make it unconfirmed

Added by Alexey Khoroshilov 5 days ago. Updated 5 days ago.

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If I create a mark and then edit it (fix comment or add a tag), it becames unconfirmed. That is quite unexpected behaviour.


#1 Updated by Evgeny Novikov 5 days ago

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Indeed this is correct behavior by design. If an expert changes a mark somehow, he/she should confirm that all its associations still match changes made.

Nevertheless, I agree that sometimes it seems to be redundant, especially in a real production where experts need to analyze very many warnings. The expert can confirm that all associations will be valid in advance, e.g. when he/she fixes a grammar mistake in a mark description. Ditto, adding some tags can be considered as safe. For such the cases there should be an option to automatically reconfirm all associations confirmed before. Although, I suggest to disable this option by default, so that experts will think prior to enabling it.

There still should be changes preventing such automatic reconfirmation. Namely, I suggest to disable it when associations themselves can change. As far as I understand this is the case just in two scenarios, when the expert changes comparison attributes somehow (I think that nobody used this ever) and when the expert changes a comparison algorithm (this also seems to be done very-very seldom after recent improvements).

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