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Sometimes Core and its components warns about various unpleasant things that don't break the whole verification process of any its part, i.e. there is no corresponding unknown reports. For instance, this is the case when LKVOG filters out large verification objects, VTG doesn't generate verification tasks because of users forget to set rule specifications to be checked and so on. But users are hard to find out corresponding notices since they are located just in component log files.

I suggest to support a new conception, notice, that will be almost the same as unknown but will be generated, showed and assessed separately. Moreover, notices shouldn't be taken into account when comparing verification results.

Most likely, it has sense to introduce new report kind, namely notice, that will be almost the same as unknown. Core and their components can collect notices using, say, commands STDERR or/and by printing all warnings additionally into special notice files. Notice marks should look completely like unknown ones but should be independent from them.

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  • Related to Feature #8664: Refactor relating build commands added

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Don't forget to issue notices for failed build command relations (#8664).

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