Feature #8466

Improve error messages when Native Scheduler terminates jobs because of reached computational resource limits

Added by Evgeny Novikov over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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For instance, in case of outs of memory there is such the error message for the Corrupted status:

Execution of job caf96491839144a5566b4145e95df133 terminated with an exception: Execution of job caf96491839144a5566b4145e95df133 finished with non-zero exit code: 9

that doesn't explain well what happened and what users should to do.

Moreover, I would like to see special statuses in such the cases since Corrupted is a special status reflecting some issues within Core and its components. But in case of reaching computational resource limits there can be no such issues.

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#1 Updated by Ilja Zakharov over 1 year ago

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Done in 8466-termination-reason.

#2 Updated by Ilja Zakharov over 1 year ago

I only added an error message. The status is correctly passed by the scheduler as "error". To provide more information it is necessary to either change the exchange format or parse error messages. My opinion is that is better to just keep it as is.

#3 Updated by Evgeny Novikov over 1 year ago

  • Priority changed from High to Urgent
  • Target version set to 1.0

Let's include this useful feature in Klever version:0.3.

#4 Updated by Evgeny Novikov over 1 year ago

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I merged the branch to master in a530e6c0 although reported error messages aren't user friendly, but let's consider this one day later.

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