Bug #10179

java.lang.AssertionError: lw core=0, address=1c: deadbeef != d3d5e5f9

Added by Alexander Kamkin 7 months ago. Updated 7 months ago.

MMU Plugin
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CacheUnitTestCase revealed the following bug:

sw core=1 address=0x0000e018 word=0x88b00fc3
lw core=2 address=0x00006014
lw core=3 address=0x0000b054
lw core=0 address=0x0000303c
lw core=0 address=0x00009014
lw core=1 address=0x00008048
lw core=2 address=0x00005048
lw core=3 address=0x00000014
lw core=0 address=0x00009018
lw core=0 address=0x00006054
lw core=1 address=0x0000a038
sw core=2 address=0x00004048 word=0x3e896cb7
lw core=1 address=0x00000010
lw core=2 address=0x00007058
lw core=3 address=0x00008048
lw core=3 address=0x0000b020
lw core=0 address=0x00008034
lw core=3 address=0x0000b040
lw core=0 address=0x0000d010
lw core=3 address=0x0000502c
lw core=2 address=0x0000a048
lw core=1 address=0x00000044
sw core=1 address=0x0000e01c word=0xba6693ad
lw core=0 address=0x0000b000
lw core=3 address=0x0000601c
lw core=3 address=0x0000c028
lw core=1 address=0x00003050
lw core=3 address=0x0000a014
lw core=1 address=0x00000040
lw core=0 address=0x0000b040
lw core=1 address=0x00007008
lw core=1 address=0x0000c01c
lw core=1 address=0x0000b004
sw core=0 address=0x0000902c word=0x5081d3d8
lw core=2 address=0x0000f000
lw core=0 address=0x0000b00c
lw core=2 address=0x00004000
lw core=2 address=0x0000801c
lw core=3 address=0x00006040
lw core=1 address=0x00004018
lw core=2 address=0x0000b028
lw core=0 address=0x0000804c
lw core=0 address=0x0000c05c
lw core=0 address=0x0000b058
sw core=2 address=0x00008010 word=0x9cfc3315
lw core=3 address=0x00009024
lw core=0 address=0x0000b018
lw core=3 address=0x0000601c
lw core=0 address=0x0000e02c
lw core=0 address=0x0000a038
lw core=2 address=0x00009014
lw core=1 address=0x0000400c
lw core=0 address=0x00007008
lw core=3 address=0x00000048
lw core=3 address=0x0000403c
sw core=2 address=0x00001048 word=0x4014aea4
lw core=0 address=0x00002010
lw core=2 address=0x00005024
lw core=3 address=0x0000d050
lw core=0 address=0x0000c048
lw core=3 address=0x00005000
lw core=2 address=0x0000b058
lw core=3 address=0x0000d038
lw core=2 address=0x00002038
lw core=1 address=0x0000a000
lw core=3 address=0x00003004
sw core=3 address=0x0000702c word=0x9d7a38e5
lw core=1 address=0x00001018
lw core=0 address=0x00002028
lw core=0 address=0x0000d05c
lw core=1 address=0x0000e000
lw core=2 address=0x00003030
lw core=0 address=0x0000d024
lw core=3 address=0x0000f00c
lw core=2 address=0x0000d024
lw core=1 address=0x00003010
lw core=1 address=0x00008048
sw core=3 address=0x0000d058 word=0xa8c7e6ae
lw core=1 address=0x00002054
lw core=0 address=0x0000802c
lw core=0 address=0x00002048
lw core=1 address=0x00007028
lw core=3 address=0x0000e020
lw core=3 address=0x00008000
lw core=3 address=0x0000a020
lw core=0 address=0x0000c000
lw core=3 address=0x0000f040
lw core=2 address=0x0000204c
sw core=0 address=0x0000300c word=0x95adc4b0
lw core=0 address=0x0000705c
lw core=3 address=0x00009004
lw core=2 address=0x0000c014
lw core=3 address=0x0000a058
lw core=0 address=0x0000d038
lw core=1 address=0x0000002c
lw core=0 address=0x00001004
lw core=0 address=0x00009044
lw core=0 address=0x0000400c
lw core=1 address=0x0000e008
sw core=2 address=0x00005034 word=0x96116716
lw core=0 address=0x00002038
lw core=0 address=0x00003058
lw core=0 address=0x0000c04c
lw core=0 address=0x0000b058
lw core=3 address=0x00008018
lw core=2 address=0x0000f010
lw core=3 address=0x0000400c
lw core=3 address=0x00005058
lw core=0 address=0x0000f050
lw core=3 address=0x0000403c
sw core=3 address=0x00000038 word=0x94b8030e
lw core=2 address=0x00001038
lw core=2 address=0x0000b024
lw core=2 address=0x00003028
lw core=0 address=0x0000b008
lw core=0 address=0x0000805c
lw core=1 address=0x00003024
lw core=3 address=0x00007058
lw core=2 address=0x0000d010
lw core=2 address=0x00003008
lw core=1 address=0x0000602c
sw core=1 address=0x00005018 word=0x5399635d
lw core=3 address=0x00001014
lw core=2 address=0x00000004
lw core=3 address=0x0000802c
lw core=1 address=0x00006030
lw core=2 address=0x00000010
lw core=2 address=0x00001030
lw core=3 address=0x0000f050
lw core=1 address=0x0000b030
lw core=1 address=0x00001028
lw core=2 address=0x00000024
sw core=0 address=0x0000c00c word=0x464e923e
lw core=3 address=0x0000f008
lw core=2 address=0x00006000
lw core=1 address=0x00003048
lw core=2 address=0x0000d058
lw core=1 address=0x00003030
lw core=2 address=0x00006040
lw core=3 address=0x0000f018
lw core=3 address=0x0000e004
lw core=3 address=0x0000f024
lw core=3 address=0x00001004
sw core=3 address=0x00002014 word=0xf1a4f3ca
lw core=0 address=0x00006004
lw core=0 address=0x00002038
lw core=1 address=0x00009028
lw core=0 address=0x00002024
lw core=2 address=0x00005028
lw core=0 address=0x0000f05c
lw core=0 address=0x0000400c
lw core=0 address=0x00006020
lw core=1 address=0x00001044
lw core=2 address=0x0000002c
sw core=1 address=0x00006024 word=0x579cf641
lw core=0 address=0x00006054
lw core=1 address=0x00004024
lw core=2 address=0x0000102c
lw core=1 address=0x0000c020
lw core=1 address=0x00000028
lw core=2 address=0x0000f03c
lw core=3 address=0x0000b018
lw core=3 address=0x0000e040
lw core=1 address=0x0000005c
lw core=1 address=0x00003018
sw core=0 address=0x0000001c word=0xd3d5e5f9
lw core=0 address=0x00006044
lw core=2 address=0x00007020
lw core=2 address=0x0000a028
lw core=0 address=0x00001004
lw core=0 address=0x0000e014
lw core=0 address=0x00004034
lw core=1 address=0x0000e024
lw core=2 address=0x0000504c
lw core=2 address=0x0000c024
lw core=2 address=0x0000b048
sw core=1 address=0x00002034 word=0x69ce5fa8
lw core=3 address=0x00005008
lw core=0 address=0x0000f00c
lw core=0 address=0x00003020
lw core=2 address=0x00004024
lw core=3 address=0x00007008
lw core=2 address=0x0000e024
lw core=3 address=0x00005020
lw core=3 address=0x0000401c
lw core=0 address=0x00004038
lw core=1 address=0x00005008
sw core=1 address=0x00002018 word=0xda6eeff9
lw core=3 address=0x0000f008
lw core=3 address=0x0000704c
lw core=1 address=0x00005020
lw core=3 address=0x0000e050
lw core=2 address=0x0000e040
lw core=1 address=0x0000e014
lw core=1 address=0x00008054
lw core=3 address=0x00009054
lw core=2 address=0x0000e034
lw core=1 address=0x0000e000
sw core=3 address=0x0000d030 word=0x2f6a8ba1
lw core=0 address=0x00001030
lw core=2 address=0x00000044
lw core=3 address=0x00005014
lw core=2 address=0x0000b020
lw core=0 address=0x00004000
lw core=2 address=0x0000e05c
lw core=2 address=0x00005028
lw core=0 address=0x0000001c
java.lang.AssertionError: lw core=0, address=1c: deadbeef != d3d5e5f9



Updated by Alexander Kamkin 7 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved

The problem is that the snoop handler does not invoke the eviction logic when a line is invalidated.
If the line is dirty, changes are lost.

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