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Отрицательные адреса

Added by Alexander Protsenko about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

ISA Simulator
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---------------------------------- Instance 0 ----------------------------------

Execution status: 0xffffffffa000235c

0x-00000005fffdca4 lui r9, 0xe459
0x-00000005fffdca0 ori r9, r9, 0x3c2f
0x-00000005fffdc9c lui r10, 0x41d4
0x-00000005fffdc98 ori r10, r10, 0xa9db
0x-00000005fffdc94 lui r12, 0x449b
0x-00000005fffdc90 ori r12, r12, 0x3dde
0x-00000005fffdc8c lui r13, 0x8021
0x-00000005fffdc88 ori r13, r13, 0xc8a0
0x-00000005fffdc84 lui r15, 0x2c4f
0x-00000005fffdc80 ori r15, r15, 0x435f
0x-00000005fffdc7c lui r24, 0xf
0x-00000005fffdc78 ori r24, r24, 0x7333
0x-00000005fffdc74 sub r8, r9, r10
0x-00000005fffdc70 sub r11, r12, r13

Архитектура: MIPS

Actions #1

Updated by Alexander Protsenko about 3 years ago

------------------ Processing Abstract Sequence (Instance 0) -------------------

-------------------- Constructed Test Case 2 (groups.rb:25) --------------------

    lui r9, 0x9cfc
    ori r9, r9, 0x3315
    lui r10, 0x8f94
    ori r10, r10, 0xc459
    lui r12, 0xfffd
    ori r12, r12, 0xfedb
    ori r15, r0, 0x982
    dsll r15, r15, 16
    ori r15, r15, 0xfe44
    dsll r15, r15, 16
    ori r15, r15, 0x2a44
    dsll r15, r15, 16
    ori r15, r15, 0xcb3b
    ori r24, r0, 0x37b0
    dsll r24, r24, 16
    ori r24, r24, 0x833f
    dsll r24, r24, 16
    ori r24, r24, 0x1429
    dsll r24, r24, 16
    ori r24, r24, 0xfdd2

    addu r8, r9, r10
    addiu r11, r12, 13861
    or r14, r15, r24

------------------------------- Allocating code --------------------------------

Section: .text [pa=0x0000000000000000, va=0xffffffffa0000000]

0x-ffffffffffffdf6c (PA): lui r9, 0x9cfc (0x3C099CFC)
0x-ffffffffffffdf68 (PA): ori r9, r9, 0x3315 (0x35293315)
0x-ffffffffffffdf64 (PA): lui r10, 0x8f94 (0x3C0A8F94)
0x-ffffffffffffdf60 (PA): ori r10, r10, 0xc459 (0x354AC459)
0x-ffffffffffffdf5c (PA): lui r12, 0xfffd (0x3C0CFFFD)
0x-ffffffffffffdf58 (PA): ori r12, r12, 0xfedb (0x358CFEDB)
0x-ffffffffffffdf54 (PA): ori r15, r0, 0x982 (0x340F0982)
0x-ffffffffffffdf50 (PA): dsll r15, r15, 16 (0x000F7C38)
0x-ffffffffffffdf4c (PA): ori r15, r15, 0xfe44 (0x35EFFE44)
0x-ffffffffffffdf48 (PA): dsll r15, r15, 16 (0x000F7C38)
0x-ffffffffffffdf44 (PA): ori r15, r15, 0x2a44 (0x35EF2A44)
0x-ffffffffffffdf40 (PA): dsll r15, r15, 16 (0x000F7C38)
0x-ffffffffffffdf3c (PA): ori r15, r15, 0xcb3b (0x35EFCB3B)
0x-ffffffffffffdf38 (PA): ori r24, r0, 0x37b0 (0x341837B0)
0x-ffffffffffffdf34 (PA): dsll r24, r24, 16 (0x0018C438)
0x-ffffffffffffdf30 (PA): ori r24, r24, 0x833f (0x3718833F)
0x-ffffffffffffdf2c (PA): dsll r24, r24, 16 (0x0018C438)
0x-ffffffffffffdf28 (PA): ori r24, r24, 0x1429 (0x37181429)
0x-ffffffffffffdf24 (PA): dsll r24, r24, 16 (0x0018C438)
0x-ffffffffffffdf20 (PA): ori r24, r24, 0xfdd2 (0x3718FDD2)
0x-ffffffffffffdf1c (PA): addu r8, r9, r10 (0x012A4021)
0x-ffffffffffffdf18 (PA): addiu r11, r12, 13861 (0x256C3625)
0x-ffffffffffffdf14 (PA): or r14, r15, r24 (0x01F87025)
0x-ffffffffffffdf10 (PA): nop (0x00000000)

-------------- Running Execution from Test Case 2 (groups.rb:25) ---------------

---------------------------------- Instance 0 ----------------------------------

Execution status: 0xffffffffa0002094

0x-00000005fffdf6c lui r9, 0x9cfc
0x-00000005fffdf68 ori r9, r9, 0x3315
0x-00000005fffdf64 lui r10, 0x8f94
0x-00000005fffdf60 ori r10, r10, 0xc459
0x-00000005fffdf5c lui r12, 0xfffd
0x-00000005fffdf58 ori r12, r12, 0xfedb
0x-00000005fffdf54 ori r15, r0, 0x982
0x-00000005fffdf50 dsll r15, r15, 16
0x-00000005fffdf4c ori r15, r15, 0xfe44
0x-00000005fffdf48 dsll r15, r15, 16
0x-00000005fffdf44 ori r15, r15, 0x2a44
0x-00000005fffdf40 dsll r15, r15, 16
0x-00000005fffdf3c ori r15, r15, 0xcb3b
0x-00000005fffdf38 ori r24, r0, 0x37b0
0x-00000005fffdf34 dsll r24, r24, 16
0x-00000005fffdf30 ori r24, r24, 0x833f
0x-00000005fffdf2c dsll r24, r24, 16
0x-00000005fffdf28 ori r24, r24, 0x1429
0x-00000005fffdf24 dsll r24, r24, 16
0x-00000005fffdf20 ori r24, r24, 0xfdd2
0x-00000005fffdf1c addu r8, r9, r10
0x-00000005fffdf18 addiu r11, r12, 13861
0x-00000005fffdf14 or r14, r15, r24
0x-00000005fffdf10 nop

------------------ Processing Abstract Sequence (Instance 0) -------------------

Actions #2

Updated by Alexander Kamkin about 3 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved

bigInteger.longValue() -> BigIntegerUtils.valueOfUnsignedLong(bitInteger)

Actions #3

Updated by Alexander Kamkin about 3 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed
  • Published in build set to 2.5.0-beta-191226

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