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06:21 pm C Instrumentation Framework Bug #8259: CIF fails on paravirt_write_msr
Likely due to this issue all modules of the newest versions of the Linux kernel couldn't be verified.
06:01 pm Klever Feature #8257 (Rejected): Adapt existing job presets for ARM platfrom or develop separate ones
Too imprecise issue. Please, first find out the most important problems and second report them for appropriate compon...
05:57 pm Klever Feature #8234: Error traces comparison for races
Users need data dace marks.
05:32 pm Klever Feature #7799: Integrate Ultimate Automizer as an alternative verification tool
Let's do it together with #7452 to confirm that new verification backends can be quite easily integrated and configured.
05:28 pm Klever Bug #8258: LKVOG crash on module 'drivers/misc/lkdtm.ko'
Let's Alexey will find a source of this issue. Perhaps there is another build process for that version of the Linux k...
01:54 pm Klever Feature #8092: Support lightweight verificaiton for rules checking API usage
Ilja likes this feature so that he will implement it :)


10:18 pm Klever Feature #6754: Set night testing task
What is expected:
* Installation of dependencies and Klever within 4 virtual machines with most popular Linux distri...
10:08 pm Klever Feature #6753 (Rejected): Implement night tests
See notes for #6752.
10:06 pm Klever Feature #6752 (Rejected): Develop jobs for night testing
10:05 pm Klever Feature #6752: Develop jobs for night testing
I think that testing and validation sets (especially when they will be fixed and extended a bit - there are a lot of ...

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