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12:20 pm Klever Feature #8371 (New): Allow to specify units for computational resource limits
To enforce computational resource limits we use BenchExec which supported units even in version 1.7 we used before re...
11:46 am Klever Bug #8370 (New): Fix CPU time limits for tasks
Likely commit:68b8884 introduced a crucial bug. At the moment a verification task CPU limit is 1000 times more than i...
11:15 am Klever Bug #8301 (Open): Restore submiting of specific errors on timelimits and memlimits
Unfortunately the suggested fix doesn't work by some reason.
11:13 am Klever Feature #8369 (New): Allow to keep job and task working directories for particular jobs
This should be requested when starting job decisions like other debugging settings. The feature is very valuable whil...
11:06 am Klever Bug #8368 (New): Downloaded component files contain only log files
Likely some recent changes resulted in for all components except CPAchecker downloaded component files contain only l...


07:33 pm Klever Feature #8342 (Resolved): Show the number of confirmed bugs, false alarms, etc. at jobs tree page
The suggested solution should be tested with large data sets. Perhaps it will turn out to be inappropriate.
07:20 pm Klever Bug #8264: Native scheduler doesn't handle 'du' command failure
Indeed this can break everything unexpectedly, so, this definitely should be in the upcoming release.
07:18 pm Klever Bug #8301 (Resolved): Restore submiting of specific errors on timelimits and memlimits
Fixed by Ilja in commit:888b063 to the specified branch.
06:32 pm Klever Bug #7894 (Open): Non-synchronized zip archives
It looks like the issue happens very occasionally due to not all data is written to archives but they are opened and ...
05:11 pm Klever Bug #8367 (Closed): Current version of CPAchecker SMG always fails due to incorrect configuration
I fixed and tested the fix in commit:f8904c97 to master. Now by default the latest CPAchecker SMG _smg_witness_for_ld...

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