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02:34 pm Klever Feature #8588 (New): Support initialization of Linux kernel
At the moment EMG respects initialization of modules independently on whether they are built as loadable modules or a...
01:56 pm Klever Feature #6571: Support modules without or with non-standard approaches to provide init and exit f...
I guess that the issue was primarily connected with attempts to analyze modules compiled into the kernel since otherw...


04:55 pm Klever Feature #8379: Properly process wall time outs
But for some heavyweight rules the number of wall timeouts can be really great. Wall timeouts often happen at OpenSta...
11:33 am Klever Feature #8586 (New): Support comparing entity versions
A long ago I supposed that users will describe made changes by means of comments that are obligatory fields for all e...


03:30 pm Klever Feature #7978 (Resolved): Add more tests for rule specification sync:race
At last we have many tests for sync:race. Unfortunately many tests unintentionally fail or completely broken. I moved...


12:26 pm Klever Bug #8580 (New): Redundant data is stored in job archives for progress
In addition to a normal progress data I saw also a configuration and a priority in field "progress" in file "job.json".
12:23 pm Klever Bug #8579 (Closed): Progress is not evaluated as 100% for large number of tasks
When I had 1254 tasks of which 38 failed due to a verifier, 174 were wall timeouts (component RP) and 152 failed at w...


02:08 pm Klever Feature #8083 (Resolved): Add tests for static verification tools
I did it in commit:faba1ac6 to branch _tests_.


01:38 pm Klever Feature #8149 (Closed): Think on proper progress evaluation when several jobs are solved at once ...
I merged the branch to master in commit:459f75e7. At last we have quite proper progress evaluation and visualization ...
01:36 pm Klever Feature #8446 (Closed): Fix and improve progress reporting
After fixing several issues I merged the branch to master in commit:459f75e7.

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