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05:21 pm Klever Feature #8234: Error traces comparison for races
Vladimir Gratinskiy wrote:
> Functions descriptions are already updated. You need to populate the DB.
Please, see m...
04:37 pm Klever Feature #8234 (Open): Error traces comparison for races
The suggested fix helped. Now I wait till function descriptions will be updated. BTW, after a unsafes mark is created...
11:57 am Klever Feature #8234 (Open): Error traces comparison for races
I observed the following issue when migrating my local database:...
11:42 am Klever Bug #8362: Do not expect coverage when verifiers fail
Your fix doesn't look to fix everything related with this issue. I suppose to move all coverage related checks from _...
11:18 am Klever Bug #8454 (Closed): Bridge sets status "Terminated" for properly failed jobs
I merged this trivial bug fix to master in commit:06cb460c.
11:13 am Klever Bug #8376 (Closed): Incorrect filter values when comparing verification job results
After migration that removes all incorrectly calculated comparison caches for validation jobs everything works as exp...
11:09 am Klever Bug #8459 (New): After stopping Bridge it can be hard to stop Native Scheduler
It looks like it still tries to send some requests and doesn't respond properly to a termination:...
11:05 am Klever Bug #8449 (Closed): Verification reports do not have computational resources in the lightweight mode
I merged the branch to master in commit:564811c7.
Indeed that wasn't a bug in representation, it was an issue with...
11:01 am Klever Bug #8458 (New): Directories mismatch
When I checked tests (safe and with wrong flags) intended for _linux:alloc:irq_ when using local source trees was dis...
10:20 am Klever Feature #8456: Keep reports for special component "Sub-job" in lightweight mode
Perfect, that I will try to include this important feature into Klever 0.2.

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